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The symbolism of the wedding ring

The choice of the wedding ring that will accompany the finger of the right hand forever is a very important case. What is the symbolization of a Wedding ring?? When the wedding ring established as accustom and by whom?

First of all we must clearify that an Engagement ring and a Wedding ring is not the same. The engagement ring borned after 13th century when Pope Innokentios. The P declared that it should be a period between the engagement and the marriage. The rings of the wedding ceremony state the engagement, the promise that a wedding will follow .For the big stone that often decorates an engagement ring, responsible is the grand duke of APSBURG, MAXIMILIAN.

In 1477 he offers to his loving woman a diamond ring to seal their engagement. It is the first recorded ring-stone. In 860a.C. Pope Nikolaos make the wedding ring obligatory to perform a wedding ceremony and the ring should be gold. Gold represents power and beauty that lasts through time.

It also showed that the one that married honored with this way his decision, paying it expensive. The round shape of the ring symbolize the eternal love. It is also a symbol of the circle of the life, the eternity. The blank in the center symbols the entrance to the unknown, the future. The fit of the ring plays an important role too. It must be perfect. The lack fit means a wedding with lack of interest that will lead to a painful wedding. According to some traditions a wedding ring protects the bride from evil spirits. The use of the ring as symbol of wedding bondage starts from very previous ages before 4.500 years from Babylon and Ancient Aigypt.

The ancients Aigyptians wore the ring to the third finger of their left hand because they believe that the vain from that finger lead straight to the heart the “vain of love”. That was the spot that most people prefered ever after. In USA the tradition of left hand still goes on. In many European countries the ring is now worn in the right hand. In Greece however a woman wears the ring in the fourth finger of her left hand as long she is engagement to someone and when she gets married she replaces the ring to her right hand.

Nana Ioakeimidou